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This page is all about you and your generosity. It's all about your giving nature and gung-ho spirit. I think that .50 is the magical number that can make all things possible. I don't think any one person can miss 50¢ too much and I don't think that 50¢ can change the lifestyle of the burgeoning online philanthropist. I do, however, think that if I can get enough people to donate 50¢ I will be able to pay for this website or cheese on my sandwich. Have you seen those infomercials that tell you their floor wax, air purifiers or nose hair trimmers will only cost you $1.75 per day for the next seven years? Just think: helping me will only cost you .016¢ per day for a period of thirty days. What a bargain!

If you'd like to donate 50¢, which I appreciate more than you could know, please use the link provided below. It's very high-tech and secure and may be *tax deductible .

Thank you and I wish I could afford to send you something fabulous.

* if your blind grandpa or pets do your taxes

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one .50 cent donation is all it takes.  i hope.




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